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PouchPop Assorted 4-Pack

Pouchpop Assorted 4 pack

The PouchPop™ topper is the convenient, soothing, and safe solution for pouch feeding. PouchPop is the first self-feeding attachment developed for the pouch and is pediatrician recommended.

Pop it on and pucker up!

PouchPop is the Convenient, Soothing, Universal Fit

Soft, flexible & manufactured of high quality material that is best for your baby, PouchPop overcomes the limitations of the integral pouch straw that can be irritating for your baby’s delicate mouth.  Preventing oral trauma from the pouch & hard plastic, PouchPop provides a soothing & intuitive barrier that encourages safe self-feeding leading to a happier baby!

“The PouchPop design is an excellent and safe solution to provide soft pureed foods to infants and toddlers in a much more intuitive and interactive way than the current pouch product design.”  – Dr. Jae Kim, M.D., Ph.D., UCSD Medical Center

PouchPop Teal Product